Breeders/Future Breeders

JOKER California Kingsnake female






JOKER California Kingsnake male




2010 light phase Ghost Cal Male


2010 dark phase Ghost Cal Female



2010 het Ghost Cal Female


Mosaic het Albino Cal Female


2013 Mosaic het Ghost female



2013 het Ghost Mosaic male



Reverse Striped Cal Female (Designer Striped line original female)


2004 Albino Banded Male (father of Designer Striped line)


2004 Albino Banded Male X Reverse Striped

 2009 Het Albino Mosaic pair produced by Slipstream Serpents


2012 Coral Ghost (Ghost X Hypo) Cal Male


High White California Kingsnake Female

 High White California Kingsnake Male

2013 Designer Striped Female


2013 Pink Pearl Ghost (Lavender x Ghost) Cal King female



2013 het Ghost California Kingsnake female



2010 possible het Ghost & Hypo female


2014 Triple Het Ghost, Hypermel and Albino California King Male



2014 Triple Het Ghost, Hypermelanistic and Albino California King Female



2012 Half Banded Half Striped California Kingsnake Female (from my Designer Striped line)


2015 Vanishing Stripe male (Lgc131)


2015 Vanishing Stripe female (Lgc133)



Anery Gray Banded Kingsnake female



Hypo Gray Banded Kingsnake male



Expected in 2016

Ghost Gray Banded Kingsnakes (Hypo x Anery combo)



Anery Gray Banded Kingsnakes and Hypo Gray Banded Kingsnakes


Mosaic california kingsnakes


Ghost california kingsnakes

- Light phase


- Dark phase


Hypermelanistic california kingsnakes



Albino california kingsnakes


Mosaic het Ghost california kingsnakes

Het Ghost Mosaic California Kingsnakes



Casper Ghost california kingsnakes (AlbinoXGhost)


2013 Het Ghost female

Black and white banded california kingsnakes


Black and white striped california kingsnakes


Designer striped california kingsnakes








Designer Banded California kingsnakes


Half banded half striped california kingsnakes


Aberrant california kingsnakes

 - Albino


 - Normal


Future Breeders

Coral Ghost california kingsnakes (GhostXHypo)

Pink Pearl Ghost California kingsnake (GhostXLavender)


Lavender Snow California Kingsnakes (Lavender X Hypermelanistic)


Lavender Snow California Kingsnake Project 2

These animals came from Tom Stevens, and when bred together produce the other form of Lavender Snow cal kings.

Female Chocolate Banana het Lavender